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About the Owner

Meet Shanita Hudson, the proud owner of Bellagio 223, the latest jewel in her crown of event spaces. Her journey began as a hobby in 2006 when she generously volunteered to host and organize events for friends and family. What started as a simple act of kindness quickly blossomed into a deep passion for creating memorable experiences.

In 2009, Shanita turned her passion into business and founded Grand Finale Affairs, an event planning company dedicated to making dreams a reality. Through Grand Finale Affairs, she honed her expertise in curating exceptional events and orchestrating seamless experiences for her clients. The success and acclaim of Grand Finale Affairs paved the way for her first event space, GF Studios, which opened its doors in 2018. The overwhelmingly positive response and demand for unique event venues spurred Shanita to further expand her portfolio with the launch of Lavish Lyfe in 2019.

With each venture, Shanita's dedication to her client's happiness and satisfaction has remained unwavering. She couples an exacting approach to event planning with a commitment to delivering the exclusive, unparalleled experience that only her team can provide. Her philosophy is clear: at Grand Finale Affairs, they don't simply throw parties for people; they bring their client's visions to life, crafting joyous celebrations and unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impact on all who attend.

Now, with the opening of Bellagio 223, Shanita continues to redefine the event planning landscape. Through this venture, she strives to elevate the standard of luxury event spaces, offering a haven where dreams take shape and occasions are transformed into enchanting experiences. With her signature motto, "Your Outcome is Our Priority," Shanita Hudson wholeheartedly dedicates herself to ensuring that every held at Bellagio 223 is nothing short of extraordinary.

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